The Iron Dawn

A group of mercenaries long employed by House Kaya and the Free Cities of Gorain. They have also been hired by the Crysto Guild from time to time for special tasks, but giving the secretive nature of Crysto they prefer to avoid outside agents except for only the most dire circumstances. The Iron dawn have been a successful mercenary force for nearly a hundred years due mainly to their ability to field well disciplined units and their reputation as a trustworthy group. Once they’ve agreed to a contract they will not break it until it has been fulfilled, they have been released by their employers, or their deaths.


Not a true organization, but rather a class of dwarves who have been cast out of their homelands. When a dwarf is found to have betrayed his family, city, nation or vows he is held down and a magic copper coin is burned into the dwarf’s palm. Through the dwarf priests the skin around the wound is healed but prevented from healing over the wound. Once the coin is inserted the dwarf is cast out, with all dwarves who see a copper-palm honor bound to do him harm, and grant him or her no kindess save the final mercy of death. Because of this dwarves who refuse to show their palms before making deals or sealing contracts are considered extremely rude and untrustworthy.

The Burners of the Dead

The Burners are a group comprises of many races that work toward the goal of destroying all undead in the Decayed Lands. Primarily based on the island of Kaya they are the front line against the creeping dead that are sent from the Empty Court to attack nearby lands. Due to this a large number of Tieflings make up the Scorchers, but there are plently of other races who join the fight. Some are motivated by religious or moral outrage against undeath, others are survivors of raids against their lands by the Decayed Land’s legions. And some have lost everything and seek their death’s against the rotten fists and spectral claws they fight against.

The Smoke Blade

The Smoke Blade is an amoral group of Shadar-Kai merchants, assassins, and spies who provide legal and illegal goods and services across several planes. Working from their home city of Gloam in the ShadowFell they traffic mortals and goods across from the Shadowfell to the mortal prime, and even have several remote trade sites in the Astral Sea and the Primal Chaos. While not an omnipotent group, there is little that occurs across the planes they aren’t aware of.


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