Nations and Powers

House Kaya: Inheritors of a tainted legacy
h3. House Kaya

The ruling power in the city of Tief, house Kaya took their name from part of ancient land name, believing that before they were dragon cursed they were all soldiers of the Ishrun Republic. Unlike much of the world, the citizens of Tief and house Kaya strongly believe that the Dragons had been real and take a measure of pride in their dragonic heritage, even as they still hold that they are cursed by their ancestors pride and folly. They are a strongly disciplined military house, who preach discipline and simple living to avoid the sins of the past.

The Council of Elthious: Healers of a wounded land
h3. Council of Elthious

when the Dragons came and the elves fled into the wild many were lost and without food or shelter. They begged the spirits of the wild and the forest provided. They asked the spirits of the wild to shield them, and in exchange they would work to restore the lands destroyed by the Extirpation. The spirits agreed and took the elven elders, teaching them the ways of the wilds and the land. Since that time those same elders have guided the elven nation towards the eventual goal of restoring Kayadoa to one healed land and rejoining it to the mainland across the seas. Several open cities exists on the edge of the wilds where wanders and traders may freely interact with the elves, but many more of their villages are hidden things, shrouded by the spirits of the wilds where non but elf may walk under penalty of death.

Crysto Guild: Secret Keepers and Truth Seekers
h3. Cryptro Guild

Having no large borders of it’s own has not stopped the Cryptro Guild from becoming a powerful player on Kayadoa’s politcal scene. Sages, philosophers, and aracanists of all kinds are members of the guild. The guild sees the nations of Kayadoa as trapped in a dark age, with the magics wielded by mortals as mere sparks against the raging fire the dragons and the old republic once had. They crusade across the land from their home island, hidden schools and secret keeps, desperate to restore magic to the level it once was and press the bounds to even more glorious heights.

House IronCrown: The deep delvers
h3. House IronCrown

House IronCrown was founded by the dwarf hero Delgur Ironbinder, who led the dwarfs and hobbits out of slavery and into the mountains on the western island. His people named him king and named him the IronCrown. Under his leadership and the generations of his heirs that followed, thriving cities were built beneath the mountains and hills of their island. Trade for dwarven goods forced the other nations to recognize the legitimacy of their nation. Rumors tell of a vast network of caves so deep beneath the islands they connect under the sea.

h3. Free Cities of Gorain

The Free cities of Gorain were first formed by the rebellious slaves of the Republic of Ishran. While there are 3 main cities in this lose confederation, dozens of smaller villages and towns are members; though their support to the confederation is minimal at best. The confederation is a wild card on the political scene, it’s cities so hating central authority that they are constantly shifting leadership and electing new leaders. Combined with the loose power structure between the cities any alliance or treaties they sign can be overturned shortly when a new wind blows in new leadership. This makes them very unpredictable.

The Decayed Lands:  A land of the dead
h3. The Decayed Lands

A land of the dead ruled by a shadowy Vampire Queen. The only living souls in the land are kept as food for the foul nobles who rule the land in an undead state. The “commoners” are nothing more then mindless undead, living in mockeries of villages and towns. Unlike other lands, the decayed lands does not carry a dragon on their coat of arms, only a skull burst in the vampire queen’s purple. This is a cold reminder the dead have no myth, no stories, no beliefs; only the cold unceasing urge to feed.

Kayadoa’s Current Political Borders

Kayadoa's Current Political Borders

Nations and Powers

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