History of Kayadoa

An island chain of a dozen islands. Kayadoa is cut off from the rest of the world by the endless seas that stretch in every direction. Legend says the further out into the sea one goes the bigger the beasts of the deep get. No ship that has sailed beyond the horizons have ever returned.
The Escape

Said to have once been a single continent joined to the main world, the land of Kayadoa was home to the nation of Ishrun. After centuries of warfare on its neighbors and vile, decadence behavior the nation of Ishrun was in danger of being defeated by a coalition of several nations they had long oppressed.
The Ruling Senate of Ishrun would not allow their nation to fall easily though; and turned to darker powers to secure their escape. Sealing pacts with powerful Demon Lords the Elders of Ishrun used ancient world shaping spells to move their nation away and deep into the sea. They planned to rebuild their power and return in 100 years to re-conquer all that was theirs.

The Sundering

Isolated from the world the Republic of Ishrun began to rebuild its military and learn more forbidden magics from their new Infernal Patrons. With no direct enemies however it was only a matter of time before conflict erupted. The resulting civil wars decimated the islands and soon all inhabitants of Ishrun were backing any one of a dozen lords claiming the right to lead the senate. Each lord selling more souls to their demonic patron. Each performing more and more profane and debase rituals for power. Breaking off hunks of land in smaller versions of the Escape each lord become a tyrant of his own island fortress.

The Extirpation

Seeing the wickedness of the land and its decent into an infernal gateway to the world, the Gods of light sent a plague of dragons to the islands of Ishrun. As divine instruments, dragons of every color and age came at the God’s beckoning. The dragon’s traveled across the sea by the thousands and laid waste to the wicked people of Ishrun in what is remember today as the Extirpation. All Demonbound were exterminated, thus the most potent magic that allowed for the world to shift and islands to be ripped or merged were lost, forever trapping Kayadoa away from its world.
The Slaves Rise

With the Lords and Nobles dead and most the islands destroyed the few remaining Ishrun people could not keep the thousands of slaves in check. Rebellions brewed across the islands as dwarven miners over took their tunnels and elven house slaves fled to the few remaining forests. Even the surviving war slaves, once bound to serve and die on the battlefield, overthrew their Ishrun masters and established free cities of men, and orcs.

Draconic Ravaging

For nearly 10 years the dragons ravaged the lands, driving mortal races into hiding and ruling the land as tyrants. Survivors clustered together in small villages, or lived as hermits in caves, desperate to avoid drawing the attention of the dragons.
The Dragon Races

To enforce their rule soldiers were created; from their own blood and a single scale they created the Dragonborn. In time they would grow numerous enough to form their own towns and cities and arise as a new race. While the Dragonborn were a success, there were many failures as well. Dozens of hideous beasts carrying dragon blood were created, if they could be controlled they were set as guards or vaults and castles; if not they were set lose in the wild where they might yet find the hidden villages of the mortals.
Demon Blooded Soldiers

After one particularly large battle in which an entire army of Ishrun troops and demons were massacred by the most ancient red dragon, the dragon clutched the enemy general in his claw to gloat. Dying the enemy general whispered his last words of defiance “Soon, we shall be beyond even your grasp.”
The Dragon was a jealous and vindictive creature, like so many of his kind. He called on ancient magic and mixed the blood of vanquished demons with that of the wounded upon the battlefield. “Do you think you can escape me then? I will show you who you belong to!” With that the dragon cursed the general and all the wounded soldiers with that vile black blood. Their wounds were healed with fire that did not burn them, their hair pulled back as horns grew from their heads. Tails came from their backs and they rose up healed and bewildered. “Know that you are demon blooded now, live long lives as tainted things, marked forever as pawns and let it carry to your children fool!”
In time these survivors would find themselves cast out of all cities and families they once called home. Naming themselves the Teifling, or Tainted Ones in the old Ishrun tongue the formed their own city state, The Teif, in the desert site of their battlefield, the strong heat there no longer bothering them so.

The Abandonment

One day the sun rose to shock the world of Kayadoa. For just as suddenly as they had appeared and conquered the world, the dragons were gone. None could say where they had gone, but their once mighty lairs lay empty an abandoned and their races and creations were left abandoned and confused. Cautiously the mortals who had remained hidden began to come forward, the servants began to move away from the lairs of their bound service and the mortals of Kayadoa were free to make their own fate once more.
Modern Day

Thousands of years have passed, and for many the dragons have become a thing of near myth. Though each nation still bears their image on their heraldry and tells tales of the those ancient days, there is little left of the dark republic of Ishrun. Old slaveries have been forgotten, old ruins long buried. And a dozen wars have seen new alliances forged and broken time and time again.
It is a time of rising tensions as old hostilities flare to the front and war looms on the horizon. Even as the last war left most nations under manned and barely able to police their own lands. Leaving many wild places where beasts, monsters, and the dragonspawn still lurk.

History of Kayadoa

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