Civilization and Shadow

The Island of Gorain

Having arrived in the City of FreeRoad the party was anxious to find glory and adventure.

The PC have been contracted by Euwya, a priestess of Erathe. She has asked the party to enter old town, locate her agents there and determine why several key members of town have gone missing. Among those missing are an advisor to the mayor, who has been pressing for expansion, and a money lender in old town who has been making loans available to citizens who are braving leaving town to start new lives in the farms outside of town. Also missing are two junior priests of Erathe who have in their youthful zeal preached quite vocally of brining the light of civilization to the wild places.

The party entered old town and tracked the agent to a run down tavern, The Boar’s Head Inn. In the Boar’s Head they were told what little the agents had discovered, which is that for whatever reason it seems the large old well in the middle of Old Towns Church district seemed to be where the shadowy kidnappers had made their escape last.

The Party entered the well, and through an overflow drain found entrance to an old section of the town sewers. There they discovered the body of a scout sent by the Erathis agents and were attacked by wererats, and strange shadowy giant millipedes. The Party defeated the attackers and discovered the sewers connected to an underground river.

Civilization and Shadow (session2)

Continuing deeper into the caves surrounding the underground river the party descended an underground waterfall into deeper caves. Moving away from the river the party found a section of the cave that had been clearly been worked and had a large stone door installed. After several stealth checks, and lengthy discussion, Romulox kicked in the door, finding an underground storehouse and surprising a dozen workers moving crates into the room. The party attacked and made quick work of the workers but also had to face a Shadar-Kai monk and wizard who gave them significantly more challenge. The party triumphed and searching the crates discovered human made weapons of poor quality destined for some unknown source, as well as a note on the body of the monk written in Deadspeak, the language of the dark other world, the Shadowfell. The party also found some silver and a +1 wand on the body of the wizard. They continued on into the cave system behind the storeroom.

Civilization and Shadow (session3)

Plunging deeper into the black tunnels the party discovered a split in the tunnel. Following the smooth worked floors they followed the right tunnel back to a natural chamber lit with a pale blue light from a glowstone overhead. In the center of this chamber was a magical circle that Thakakhad was able to determine was a portal from the Shadowfell allowing one way travel to here on the material plane. Using his impressive arcane abilities he was able to alter the circle to break the link to the home portal without overtly disturbing the circle. Their actions did not go unnoticed as a stealthy figure made a quick attack with a thrown dagger, hitting Thakakhad before fleeing back down the left split of the tunnel. The party then returned to the fork and pursued the shadowy attacker who was waiting in ambush. Luckily Mialee was perceptive enough to spot him hiding and waiting to attack. The Shadar-Kai attacked with several shadowy raptor like lizards and a shadowy spider. The battle was quick but fierce and the party bled freely. Thakakhad was almost dragged away into the dark by one of the raptors, Hazel served as the frontline alone, and Faray came much closer to the action then he would have liked. Despite it all they were able to survive and conquer. Among the dead they found Bracers of Mighty Striking, and a strange Opal that seems to radiate dark energy and is native to the Shadowfell. Licking their wounds they returned to the magical circle chamber and setup a defensible position to attempt to rest and recover their strength.

Civilization and Shadow (session4)

Where in, our heroes track down the Shadar-Kai Witch responsible for the counterfeit weapons the party discovered previously. Destroying her guards and shadow beast, they forced her to submit and explain her presence beneath the city. She admitted that she worked for an organization known as the Black Blade, who had been contracted to bring the poor quality weapons into the city unnoticed and enchant them with illusions to make them pass for quality.

When pressed she admitted her employer was a cult of Bairane who had been working to infiltrate the city of FreeRoad and usurp it’s rule. She did not know their plan or where they hid. Only that met her in the an inn in Oldtown called the Boar’s Head. They had delivered several orders of the weapons previously and were to provide the last order shortly. When asked about the missing people of importance in the city, she laughed, and admitted that two of them, the mayor’s assistant and the money lender, were in fact her agents, sent to press for expansion and then “mysteriously” disappear causing suspicion to shift to outside the city, the elves of the Council of Elthious or the Orcs of the hills north of FreeRoad, anything to keep attention outside the city, and cause fear in the public. The other two missing people, junior priests in the Church of Erathe were in fact agents of Bairane who had infiltrated the church to weaken it’s grip in the city.

The party allowed the witch to live in exchange for gold and the magic weapon she was enchanting. She offered them healing potions if they allowed her to leave to the Shadowfell and take the remainder of her merchandise. As she left for the Shadowfell she told the party that if they should ever find themselves in the Shadowfell in the future and in the city of Gloam to seek out the Black Blade, as they might be able to provide work to a group of their obvious talent.

Tyranny of Orcs (session 1)

Pulling themselves from the sewers beneath FreeRoad the adventures were quick to report their findings on the Shadar Kai, the cheap weapons and the cultists of Bairane. Hearing this grave news and that her church in FreeRoad may be infiltrated the High Priestess Euwya requested the adventures take a letter to the head of her church in Harri to the north. Believing the crude weapons may have been used to weaken the local militias, and the faked kidnappings were to cause unrest and fear among the the population, the city could be weakened if an external force was to assault it. But FreeRoad’s location on the coast would not allow for any external armies to suddenly spring up and attack it easily, even with the weakened local forces.

The city of Harri to the north however has been attempting to create a road south through the orc hills. This has angered many of the orc tribes and it would take little to convince them to attack. Believing this to be the cultists of Bairane true target. The letter the adventure’s brought allowed them access to Ya-urn, the Priest Lord of the Church of Erathe in Gorain. He took the threat quite gravely and told the party of a recently unearthed temple. The Chain Sundered Temple was first build by escaped slaves thousands of years ago when the Dragon Plague was in full force. It was a place near the woods and mountains where escaped slaves of all races took sanctuary. With it’s recent rediscovery several elven diplomates of The Council of Elthious, Dwarven Engineer’s, and Humans from the city of Harri had launched an expedition to rebuild the site and use it as a sort of neutral ground to foster peace on the island of Gorain. Knowing the Temple of the Sundered Chain sits against the mountains dividing Harri from orc hills to the south, Ya-Urn asked the party to travel south to the where the forests meet the mountain and evacuate the people of the Temple.

Several days of travel later the party arrived at the temple and were immediately attacked by several orcs that were camped around the temples exterior and amongst it’s ruins.

Tyranny of Orcs (session 2)

The party explored the ruins of the Temple of the Sundered Chain where they were quick to discover a secret passage beneath the large central statue of Halapine. Traveling down into a series of underground storerooms and meeting halls they were attacked by another group of orcs being lead by a shaman of the blood thirsty god Teruuk. The party was victorious and while looting the room came across the bodies of several elves, dwarven engineers, and a human bearing the mark of office naming him ambassador of the city of Harri. The party was also approached by a small golem of clay. Only those of elven or dwarven blood can see him as he was created to be part of the temples defenses and assist wayward slaves escaping to this temple. Faray and Mialee spoke on behalf of the party as they were the only ones of the group who could see or hear the golem. After questioning him on the age, purpose, and lay out of the temple they asked him to scout the next room. The golem explained there were several more orcs as well as several minotaurs searching the next room which contained a gas trap centered around the pool of water in the room. If any non elven or dwarven hands were to touch the pool a potent gas would fill the room and render unconscious those who could not resist it’s effects. Cleverly the party cut a finger from one of the dead orcs and gave it to the golemn who could move unseen through the room. They requested he enter the room and drop it into the pool. They succeeded in their ploy and found a room of orcs and minotaurs half of which were unconscious on the floor. Battle was given and the party was victorious.

Tyranny of Orcs (session 3)

The party rested after their fighting and discussed with the golem the layout of the rest of the temple. The Golem explained that the temple was very deep and that they would shortly encounter the grand stairs leading down into the deep tunnels. Located on the lowest level were several tunnels leading in many directions, some to the high plains, some under the mountains to the foothills. Also on the lowest level was the Chamber of Wonders, where the dwarven smiths created weapons and armor for the resistance against the dragons. The party again asked the golem to scout ahead and he was able to describe a group of orcs moving up the stair ways, but for some reason was unable to enter the Chamber of Wonders. The party attacked the orcs on the stairs and was almost laid low but the orcs crossbows providing cover to the minotaur champion who charged up the stairs at the party. Triumphant, but bloody, the party pressed on.

Tyranny of Orcs (session 4)

The Party reached down to the dwarven chamber of wonders beneath the temple and found that the chamber was amok with elemental energies surging through the room. Pillars of fire leaped the room, a pool of water once used to cool works was tossing as if in a storm, and columns lining the western end of the room sparked violently as electricity dance among them. The room was also occupied by the last of the Orc attackers who had surged up from the deep caves and killed the expedition to uncover the temple. Amongst the orcs was a human ordering them about, these Champion of Bairane also had a single dwarven prisoner whom the party freed after killing the invaders. Beaten to within an inch of his life, the party saved the dwarf, who introduced himself as a Paladin of Sagara and thanked the party for their timely rescue. He explained the reason the chamber’s magic had run wild was that he had collapsed the tunnels leading to the deep caves to prevent the orcs from traveling through these caves to attack Harri. There are another set of tunnels however that will allow the orcs access through the mountains. He asked the party to return him to Harri so he may warn the city and close the second set of tunnels.

Tyranny of Orcs (session 5)

In which the party is ambushed on the road by a pair of Bairane wizards, their orcish henchmen, and several attack drakes the orcs keep. The Party soundly defeated them with the help of their new swordmage Faray who has always been a swordmage and not a wizard.

Tyranny of Orcs (session 6)

The party pressed on in the quest to return the dwarf paladin Kalad to the city of Harri. While camped along the road a dwarven runner spotted their camp and approached them. Hailing the party in dwarven Mathis and Kalad were able to respond appropriately. The runner told the group he’d been sent to warn any one along the road that the city of Harri was soon to fall to a surprise orcish attack that came suddenly at night. (See the updated political map Nations and Powers). Some of the cities population and guard were able to escape by ship bound for FreeRoad, and Certh but some still worked feverishly to defend the city walls buying the city time to evacuate.

After receiving the warning the party moved south toward the mountain pass that would lead to the orc hills and beyond to FreeRoad. Unfortunately the party discovered the pass was held by a small army of orcs. Disguising several members of the party as prisoners Thakakhad attempted to bluff his way past the guards as Demarch of Bairane with Hazel posing as a guard. Despite a rough start to his lies, Thakakhad was able to bluff his way through the gate after bribing the guards.

Several days of travel saw the party lost in the wilderness and struggling to make their way to Derun where they planned to take the free road south and warn of a coming orc invasion.


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