Romulox's Will

The novice sailor Antillus piloted our recently aquired ship into a reef just off the shore of the fog shrouded Dreadlands. Romulox spent much of the trip chumming for sharks making the journey the rest of the way to shore aboard a hastily improvised raft constructed of an ancient crate from the hold of the ship.

The adventurers managed to reach the relative safety of the shore a long expanse of swamp land laid ahead of them. As they made their way inland Mialee spotted the remnants of a ruined tower a humanoid with dark skin approached in a boat headed straight for the adventurers. Mialee and Cazzie were able to conceal themselves before the rest of the party was spotted. The swamp man stood seven feet tall towering over Romulox and groveled “Living things not normal in the swamp”. Romulox and Loodra readied their weapons as Antillus called out with a greeting. The monster explained he collected dead things to sell in the city. It became clear that the creature was not going to become hostile and Antillus was able to convince the creature to guide the party to the city for the low low price of 3 corpses.

In the midst of the creature explaining to the party how to locate “dead things” a sound from outside the tower began to rumble louder and louder. The creature cried out “oh no you were too loud and it followed you” and ran for the cellar! Cazzie caught a glimpse of an enormous 12 foot tall amalgamation of disheveled swamp debris and cried out to her fellow adventurers to ready their weapons. An epic struggle for survival ensued and it looked as though our beloved band of heroes may not pull through as the amalgamation compelled the allies to strike blows upon each other. Mialee was the hero of the day as she sunk several critical arrows into the lumbering amalgamation saving Romulox from what would have assuredly been a life extinguishing blow.

Call of Madness (part 6)

Returning the monk to the city of Tor Git the party was rewarded handsomely. Several hours later they were called to the Commander’s office where the monk relayed all he knew of the Ausleur threat to the PC. It seemed T’sung was a member of the IronStar order of monks. A group who ran a monastery/ asylum for warlocks, mages, and other seekers who stared too long into the void and were driven mad by the taint of the Far Realms. despite their considerable glyphs and wards followers of Ausleur were able to infiltrate the demiplane the asylum existed in free the captives. T’sung believed they are now using the monastery as a base for their attacks against the city.

Captain Baarin explained to the PCs that the LongEyes (another Adventuring group) had already been dispatched to investigate the monastery and the party would not need to travel there.

The party began discussing their options using Thakakhad’s mind link ability and mentioned their search for the Kirre-Arre Arren. T’sung’s powerful psychic abilities allowed him to hear the conversation and he mentioned that one of the brothers of his monastery had done considerable research toward the artifacts and if the library remained intact the party may be able to advance their knowledge.

It was all the spurring the party needed and they were off through the portal to the demiplane several hours after the LongEyes. When they arrived in the demiplane a vast starry sky opened before them and all around them as they found themselves on a small mountain seemingly adrift in the night sky. Attempting to ascend the stairs to the main doors the party was attacked by several wild-eyed and crazed monks and several freed mages, including a pair of twin elven sister swordmages whose mind cackles tore at the minds of the PCs.

Call of Madness (part 4)

Meeting with Captain Baarin the party agreed to help the town guard and mercenary forces patrol the town and counter any of the seemingly random attacks the city suffered from these Ausleur worshipers. Aligning themselves with another mercenary who was there to aid the town, a gnome bard named Brellin.

The party spend the better part of the first day by the docks, wandering aimlessly unsure of exactly what they were looking for when a scream and fleeing crowd drew their attention to an open court several blocks up the street.

The party arrived to find another grey robed mage attacking the city. Elements coursed wildly about as stone of frozen lightening froze on the ground, and a strange sheet of green ice lay blasted across the ground.

The Battle wore on, with strange mutated brutes and twisted snakes capped in twisted human features attacked the party while the mage summoned a whirling wind elemental and attacked the party from afar. Eventually the party triumphed and healed up as they overlooked the strange reality defying sights before them.

Call of Madness (part 2)

Approaching the temple the party saw a small figure dart inside. Creeping in the party found an orc with a greatbow hiding behind an alter. As he roared a challange and nocked his bow another orc, this one a fierce barbarian came charging around the corner. The party fought well but was unprepared for the goblin rogue sneaking around taking shots with a crossbow from a side room. in the end that party was victorious, killing the orcs and forcing the surrender of the small she goblin rogue.

Hazel interrogated the goblin, asking why the monsters had attacked the village. The goblin who introduced herself as Yigmug, told a story of the how her tribe had been bullied into following the mad priest of Ausleur and her small band was one of several sent to “tear down the trapping of civilization” since Ausleur believed that all laws and rules were affronts to freedom. They were also tasked with finding anything they could about a strange artifact called a Kirre-Arre Arren, though they had no idea what it was or where to find it, they were to wander without direction until it found them.

Hazel allowed her to live and convinced her of the glory of Sagara. Fascinated by a god who did not make insane demands on their followers Yigmug was quite smitten with Sagarua’s faith. Believing the goblin’s story Hazel let her go free and sent her back to the free cities of Gorain and Hazel’s home temple where she could enter the faith.

Call of Madness

Emerging from the ruins of Graeffmote the party set out to find the nearest town and recover from their jaunt into the shadowfell.

Traveling a trade road they encountered a loan merchant delegate sent to check on the fish shipments from a small town several miles up the road. Fearing trouble he hired the party to accompany him and provide security.

His fears were well deserved for as the party entered the town they found most of the villagers slaughtered and piled in the center of town. Investigating the bodies the party found several monsters ransacking the nearby buildings, including a wild eyed female minotaur and a crazed Duegar invoker who both immediately attacked the party. The party defeated them and noticed beastly hooting coming from the temple slightly up the hill and were off to investigate.

Intermission 2

Having confronted and defeated Lord Graef the party was transported to the ruins of Greatmotte back in the prime material plane. There they found the ancient bastard sword Graefling which had just been wielded against them, and tucked into the shadows behind and old and rotten throne was a black crown made of shadows. Thakakhad was quick to snatch it up, and on his touching it, it vanished and multi voiced laughter echoed through his mind as his patron promised him a boon for his service. The party was pleased to find the ruins free of any hostile beasts and setup camp in the warm sun pools of the sun dappled ruins.


A party of crazed monster worshippers of Ausleur made their way silently down a river towards a small nameless town, quickly tying the boat up they made their way down the lone dock and attacked the town guard. The fight was quick and decidedly violent. A female minotaur charged across the battlefield while a duegar invoker spread mad invocations that caught both friend and foe. A pair of orcs attacked as well, one a barbarian whose made love of the killing blow caused him to attack the weakest foe at all times seeking to claim as many skulls as he could, the other a warlord stood in the back and commanded with his bow, directing others to strike out at the mere townsfolks. Finally, creeping quietly around the outskirts of the battle came a small female goblin rogue, who armed with a crossbow picked off guards and townfolk from the shadows. The party made quick work of the town guard, and several priests who came down from a nearby temple to help repel the monsters. Gathering up the peasents who were in hiding and from the nearby farms they sacrificed them in a terrible bloody ritual right in the middle of the town square.

Shadows of Forgotten Wrath (sessions 5 and 6)
Spooky spooky ghosts!

After the draining battle with the butcher, the party returned to the inn to regroup. Unfortunately, in their hurry to leave the butcher’s shop, they neglected to appropriately sanitize the area, and determined that they should head back and clean up after themselves. Romulox, displaying his usual good sense and intellect, proceeded to over-imbibe slightly and passed out. After a brief discussion, the rest of the party decided to leave him in the inn and return to the butcher’s shop as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, they were too late. Upon reaching the shop, they found that a large crowd had gathered to see the town guard removing Rolf’s body, and rumors of the gristly scene had already begun to spread. The party quickly left the crowd and rushed back to the inn.

At the inn, they found a crowd of people discussing the death of the butcher. They attempted to remain as inconspicuous as possible and met back up with Romulox, who had awoken while they were gone. However, he was acting slightly strangely. After a heated discussion, it was decided that they would rest for the night and strike out from Graefmotte in the morning.

Romulox continued to behave unusually as the party prepared to turn in for the night. For their own safety, the party decided to restrain him for the evening. Despite tying Romulox up, it was an uneasy night.

The party set Graefmotte at their backs at sunrise. Romulox was acting more like himself as they entered the forest, which was a relief. After a hard day’s travel, the party emerged from the forest, only to be confronted with the same city they had left in the morning. Discouraged, the party returned to the inn and resolved to try again the next day.

Romulox, however, had other plans. He suddenly sprang to his feet and tore out of the inn, and it was all the rest of the party could do to keep up with him. Chasing him through the twists and turns of the city, they arrived at a ruined building housing several hostile creatures. Over the course of the melee, it was discovered that Romulox had been possessed.

The ghost turned out to be Nora Graef, the daughter of the lord of Graefmotte. On questioning, it was revealed that he had killed her in an argument, and she enlisted the help of the party to seek justice. She led them to a hidden entrance to the keep at the top of the hill. Once she was returned to what had been her room, Thakakhad was shown a vision of her death. Growing increasingly agitated, she asked that the party help recover her bones and bring them together.

The party was led back to the ruined building where Nora was revealed the first time, surprising the innkeeper, Guy. He explained that he was part of a group of people trying to overthrow Lord Graef, and escape the town. He was suspicious of the party’s intentions, especially when they explained that they would need one of the revolutionary group’s prized artifacts, Nora’s skull. He was unwilling to part with the skull without a fight, and the party decided that discretion being the better part of value might have some truth to it, and went in search of the rest of Nora’s bones.

The search took them back into the forest. Nora was able to direct them to a clearing that was inhabited by ogres, who attacked with thrown rocks, spears, and clubs made from trees. After dispatching them, the party was able to find a bundle of old bones buried under a tree in the middle of the clearing. They turned back towards Graefmotte to obtain the skull, and put an end to Lord Graef’s rule.

Shadows of Forgotten Wrath (session 4)

The Party discussed their options with Priestess Osterford, it seems few people leave Graefmotte and non are ever heard from again. So there are very few around who would know the way to the nearest village or city, there are maps and such up in the castle at the top of town but no one’s allowed in there save the the lord, his guards, and a few high ranking citizens on the upper tier. The party began making plans to access the upper tier, they would need a merchant who did business among the various levels of town, and priestess Osterford recommended Rolf the Butcher, as the only man in town with access to meat he regularly made deliveries to upper city homes.

The Party went to meet Rolf and questioned him about his work. He mentioned if they were looking to get out of town they didn’t need a map, they needed someone who knew the woods. OR someone who knew someone who knew the woods. Catching the clue the party pressed him, and he revealed he’d been making deals with the feral elves of the woods. He’s be willing to setup a meeting with them, but he’d need the party to return to his shop later, after dark.

The party returned that night to find Rolf’s shop unlocked and light coming from his basement, the party crept down carefully and found Rolf in the room he used to prepare his meats. Rolf grinned and announced to the group they’d find out where his meats came from alright, when he sold them off as fine new meats and attacked!

The fight was hard, undead children burst from the dirt floor to grab and hold the party, brains preserved in jars lashed out with physic attacks and Rolf wielded his huge cleaver in two hands like a giant axe.

After Rolf’s death the party searched, the basement and found a hidden room covered in dark paraphernalia. Blood red candles surrounded a large pentagram in the floor and several cages against the wall held eaters of the dead waiting to be transformed into ghouls. It seems Rolf was the reason for the ghouls wandering the lower level of town.


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