Intermission 2

Having confronted and defeated Lord Graef the party was transported to the ruins of Greatmotte back in the prime material plane. There they found the ancient bastard sword Graefling which had just been wielded against them, and tucked into the shadows behind and old and rotten throne was a black crown made of shadows. Thakakhad was quick to snatch it up, and on his touching it, it vanished and multi voiced laughter echoed through his mind as his patron promised him a boon for his service. The party was pleased to find the ruins free of any hostile beasts and setup camp in the warm sun pools of the sun dappled ruins.


A party of crazed monster worshippers of Ausleur made their way silently down a river towards a small nameless town, quickly tying the boat up they made their way down the lone dock and attacked the town guard. The fight was quick and decidedly violent. A female minotaur charged across the battlefield while a duegar invoker spread mad invocations that caught both friend and foe. A pair of orcs attacked as well, one a barbarian whose made love of the killing blow caused him to attack the weakest foe at all times seeking to claim as many skulls as he could, the other a warlord stood in the back and commanded with his bow, directing others to strike out at the mere townsfolks. Finally, creeping quietly around the outskirts of the battle came a small female goblin rogue, who armed with a crossbow picked off guards and townfolk from the shadows. The party made quick work of the town guard, and several priests who came down from a nearby temple to help repel the monsters. Gathering up the peasents who were in hiding and from the nearby farms they sacrificed them in a terrible bloody ritual right in the middle of the town square.

Shadows of Forgotten Wrath (sessions 5 and 6)
Spooky spooky ghosts!

After the draining battle with the butcher, the party returned to the inn to regroup. Unfortunately, in their hurry to leave the butcher’s shop, they neglected to appropriately sanitize the area, and determined that they should head back and clean up after themselves. Romulox, displaying his usual good sense and intellect, proceeded to over-imbibe slightly and passed out. After a brief discussion, the rest of the party decided to leave him in the inn and return to the butcher’s shop as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, they were too late. Upon reaching the shop, they found that a large crowd had gathered to see the town guard removing Rolf’s body, and rumors of the gristly scene had already begun to spread. The party quickly left the crowd and rushed back to the inn.

At the inn, they found a crowd of people discussing the death of the butcher. They attempted to remain as inconspicuous as possible and met back up with Romulox, who had awoken while they were gone. However, he was acting slightly strangely. After a heated discussion, it was decided that they would rest for the night and strike out from Graefmotte in the morning.

Romulox continued to behave unusually as the party prepared to turn in for the night. For their own safety, the party decided to restrain him for the evening. Despite tying Romulox up, it was an uneasy night.

The party set Graefmotte at their backs at sunrise. Romulox was acting more like himself as they entered the forest, which was a relief. After a hard day’s travel, the party emerged from the forest, only to be confronted with the same city they had left in the morning. Discouraged, the party returned to the inn and resolved to try again the next day.

Romulox, however, had other plans. He suddenly sprang to his feet and tore out of the inn, and it was all the rest of the party could do to keep up with him. Chasing him through the twists and turns of the city, they arrived at a ruined building housing several hostile creatures. Over the course of the melee, it was discovered that Romulox had been possessed.

The ghost turned out to be Nora Graef, the daughter of the lord of Graefmotte. On questioning, it was revealed that he had killed her in an argument, and she enlisted the help of the party to seek justice. She led them to a hidden entrance to the keep at the top of the hill. Once she was returned to what had been her room, Thakakhad was shown a vision of her death. Growing increasingly agitated, she asked that the party help recover her bones and bring them together.

The party was led back to the ruined building where Nora was revealed the first time, surprising the innkeeper, Guy. He explained that he was part of a group of people trying to overthrow Lord Graef, and escape the town. He was suspicious of the party’s intentions, especially when they explained that they would need one of the revolutionary group’s prized artifacts, Nora’s skull. He was unwilling to part with the skull without a fight, and the party decided that discretion being the better part of value might have some truth to it, and went in search of the rest of Nora’s bones.

The search took them back into the forest. Nora was able to direct them to a clearing that was inhabited by ogres, who attacked with thrown rocks, spears, and clubs made from trees. After dispatching them, the party was able to find a bundle of old bones buried under a tree in the middle of the clearing. They turned back towards Graefmotte to obtain the skull, and put an end to Lord Graef’s rule.

Shadows of Forgotten Wrath (session 4)

The Party discussed their options with Priestess Osterford, it seems few people leave Graefmotte and non are ever heard from again. So there are very few around who would know the way to the nearest village or city, there are maps and such up in the castle at the top of town but no one’s allowed in there save the the lord, his guards, and a few high ranking citizens on the upper tier. The party began making plans to access the upper tier, they would need a merchant who did business among the various levels of town, and priestess Osterford recommended Rolf the Butcher, as the only man in town with access to meat he regularly made deliveries to upper city homes.

The Party went to meet Rolf and questioned him about his work. He mentioned if they were looking to get out of town they didn’t need a map, they needed someone who knew the woods. OR someone who knew someone who knew the woods. Catching the clue the party pressed him, and he revealed he’d been making deals with the feral elves of the woods. He’s be willing to setup a meeting with them, but he’d need the party to return to his shop later, after dark.

The party returned that night to find Rolf’s shop unlocked and light coming from his basement, the party crept down carefully and found Rolf in the room he used to prepare his meats. Rolf grinned and announced to the group they’d find out where his meats came from alright, when he sold them off as fine new meats and attacked!

The fight was hard, undead children burst from the dirt floor to grab and hold the party, brains preserved in jars lashed out with physic attacks and Rolf wielded his huge cleaver in two hands like a giant axe.

After Rolf’s death the party searched, the basement and found a hidden room covered in dark paraphernalia. Blood red candles surrounded a large pentagram in the floor and several cages against the wall held eaters of the dead waiting to be transformed into ghouls. It seems Rolf was the reason for the ghouls wandering the lower level of town.

Shadows of Forgotten Wrath (session 3)

The party made their way up the ramp carrying the dead Romulox on the back of Thakakhad’s magically summoned horse. There they were stopped by several guards and a priest who warned the party against traveling the city streets at night, and the lord of the Graefmotte’s hatred for elves. When asked about a temple he pointed them to the House of Mourning, a temple dedicated to Velkinous. The party thanked him for the guidance and made their way up the hill into town. Finding the temple sealed for the night the party made their way to a nearby inn and rested for the night. The next morning they woke and took Romulox to the temple to see about getting him resurrected. The Priestess, Madelyn Osterford,explained that she was willing and capable of resurrecting the dragonborn but there would be a problem besides the initially staggering cost.

After resurrecting Romulox, she explained that resurrections in the ShadowFell were much harder to make stick, here in the land of the dead souls moved on quicker and were less willing to stay in the body. Natives called this “Soul Bleed”, where those resurrected could live another 3 days or up to 10 years, but it was not a permanent thing. However, there was a second ritual that could be cast, empowered by holy relics, that could be used to ensure the “Soul Bleed” was halted and the returned character would survive.

Unfortunately, Priestess Osterford had no such relics but she believed there was one in town. A hateful little man who acted as an innkeeper named Edgar was in possession of one. Madelyn believed he was a secret priest to Lord Devious and had been working to counter her temple over the past several years. If the party could obtain the relic she would wave other fees to ensure Romulox stayed resurrected.

The party made their way to the inn of Edgar and Mialee tried her best to sneak into a store room and steal the Relic which she discovered sitting on a hidden shrine to Lord Devious alas she was not able to sneak back out of the room and Edgar attacked the party with several summoned devils. The party made quick work of Edgar and fled back to the temple where the ritual was completed and Romulox was restored.

Shadows of Forgotten Wrath (session 2)

Making their way through the woods the party found a road that led them to a town build up on a low hill in the woods. Sitting atop the hill was a small castle surrounded by several tiers of village extending down the slopes. The lowest level looked abandoned and sacked while lights and smoke came from the houses and shops on the upper levels. The road led the party to the lowest level where an old destroyed gate hung permanently open and a ruined sign told them the town was called Graefmotte. Entering the town Romulox recalled some useful history lesson containing the town of Graefmotte. It seems the town was one of the Ishrun villages that disappeared when the during The Extirpation, the great dragon plague that purged the world of the Ishrun and their demonic magics. The party assumed then this odd Shadowfell version of the town would bare a hatred toward dragons and covered Romulox in a hasty disguise.

Entering the town, the moon was full and cast eerie shadows on all the buildings and streets long ago sacked and abandoned. Hearing a noise the party saw a group of five villagers come into view, crudely armed with cleavers and axes, thin to dangerously malnourished levels, the group of villagers leaped at the party with an almost feral cry, all attempts to reason were lost and the party was forced into combat. Hearing the sounds of combat a pair of ghouls leaped from a ruin building and joined the fray with a strange ghostly elf women who attacked the party as well.

Romulox held the starved villagers off, but with the parties attention locked on the ghouls and Hazel dazed by the ghost Romulox was unable to withstand the barrage of attacks as they chopped with crude cleavers and bit with rotten teeth. He was struck mortally as the villagers tried to devour his flesh and the party was unable to save him.

Now the party has won a bitter sweet victory over their attackers, counting one of their own amongst the dead. But does anything in this dark Shadowfell truly stay dead???


Shadows of Forgotten Wrath (session 1)

Awakening in a strange ruined fortress the party was attacked by several strange hobgoblin beasts that could shift into wolfen forms.

After dispatching the beasts the party setup camp in the ruins of the old fort. On watch, Faray and Mialee noticed a hooded figure approaching across the moonlit field. Waking the party the group questioned the strange figure who turned out to be an old lady living in the forest. She claimed this section of the forest was her home and would let the party leave in exchange for a simple task. Finding dozen of mysterious fey creatures that had infiltrated her woods she called “Stiche”. The party refused and attempted to bluff their way out of the woods. When that failed Romulox attempted to intimidate her without success.

The old lady waved her hand at the party and succeeded in putting the entire party asleep. When they awoke they were in a strange version of the fort. Dark shadowy versions of the world they knew surrounded them. The forest around the fort was grey and withered. the clouds hung low and the sun was dim and far away.

As the party exited the fort they were attacked by a pair of wraiths from the woods, and elven ghosts that rose from the fort.

Defeating them handily the party took stock of the dark woods and strange grey surroundings and noted themselves to be in the Shadowfell.


There it stood on the alter. The Kirre-Arre Arren. Bright…Shiny.

As the party stood watching it spin and collapse in on itself Romulox was over come with his compulsion for bright and shiny objects and reached out to grab it. A wild flash of light filled the chamber blinding Romulox.

When the light receded Romulox was blind and the Kirre-Arre Arren was gone. Mialee notice a small dark spot peaking from the collar guard of Romulox’s armor. Pulling off his armor the party saw a weird tattoo of the Kirre-Arre Arren across his back scales.

Thakakad and Faray were able to determine a way to remove the Kirre-Arre Arren but decided to leave it as a convenient way to transport the mythical item.

Ready to leave, the party made ready to cast the transport ritual from the priestess’s back. Romulox was quick to volunteer and before anyone could stop him he attempted to read the ritual. Starting to read the ritual he was compelled to finish… having no training in Arcana he botched the ritual and created a portal that was…unstable.

The party had no choice and took the unstable portal.

Passing through the dark of the portal Thakakhad was diverted to a huge spider web that ensnared him. There his dark Patron appeared and charged him with a mission to find a missing item it lost.

Tyranny of Orcs (Finale)

Awakening the priestess the party forced her to explain all she knew about the vault. She explained the vault wasn’t actually a place in the city. Rather it was a demiplane that could only be accessed from a powerful node of planar magics in the clearing nearby. Her priests had been hard at work clearing the plaza of all debris and a large statue of Harri’s first ruler to make room for the ritual circle needed to open the way. Her task had been to contract an infernal power to teach her the ritual needed to open the gateway. The party was able to extract a sacred vow from the priestess that she would neither help nor hinder them until they reached the inside of the vault.

Taking the priestess with them they were able to sneak into the nearby plaza that the priests of Bairane had turned into a work camp. Tents and excavation equipment dotted the edges of the clearing and a vast magical circle encompassed nearly 20 feet in the middle.

Quietly and as stealthily as possible the group made their way into the circle and cast the ritual inscribed on the priestess’s back. A glowing radiant blue portal boomed into existence and a strong wind swept out from around the part to throw aside tents and junior priests. Much the a strong and giant version of the stale air that escapes when throwing open a long sealed ancient tomb.

Inside Romulox was quick to subdue the priestess and render her unconscious as the party crept forward. Discovering an alter covered in a strange religious symbol. the party cautiously approached. Hazel and Faray were quick to notice the symbol was an amalgamation of the Black Crown of Bairane and the gears of Mechanica. While pondering this strange symbol, the alter began to pulse with life and an ancient angel burst into being. Demanding to know who trespassed in one of the sacred vaults of the eleven gods and resting place of the Kirre-Arre Arren

Though reason was tried, eventually Bashun grew restless and announced they were here to take the Kirre-Arre Arren. The angel flew into a rage and transformed from a magnificent humanoid into a scaled and horrible angel beast who leapt to attack the party.

Hard fought and barely survived the party triumphed and claimed the mystical relic for their own.

Tyranny of Orcs (session 12)

The party sneaked through the destroyed half of the city successfully and were able to find a lone orc asleep in the burned remains of a park. Interrogation revealed the Priests had been focusing their efforts in a particular plaza and manor home near the river front.

The party infiltrated the manor home and discovered a High Priestess summoning a vile devil. They were able to determine the demon was infusing the priestess with some infernal magical abilities by actually magically branding a ritual on the Priestess back.

The party struck fast and was able to kill the guards and banish the devil back to the 9 hells. Sparing the priestess the party took her alive to question her on the purpose of the ritual and to gain more information on the fabled vault they were searching for.

Tyranny of Orcs (session 11)

The one with the Gelatinous Cube!


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