Civilization and Shadow

The Island of Gorain

Having arrived in the City of FreeRoad the party was anxious to find glory and adventure.

The PC have been contracted by Euwya, a priestess of Erathe. She has asked the party to enter old town, locate her agents there and determine why several key members of town have gone missing. Among those missing are an advisor to the mayor, who has been pressing for expansion, and a money lender in old town who has been making loans available to citizens who are braving leaving town to start new lives in the farms outside of town. Also missing are two junior priests of Erathe who have in their youthful zeal preached quite vocally of brining the light of civilization to the wild places.

The party entered old town and tracked the agent to a run down tavern, The Boar’s Head Inn. In the Boar’s Head they were told what little the agents had discovered, which is that for whatever reason it seems the large old well in the middle of Old Towns Church district seemed to be where the shadowy kidnappers had made their escape last.

The Party entered the well, and through an overflow drain found entrance to an old section of the town sewers. There they discovered the body of a scout sent by the Erathis agents and were attacked by wererats, and strange shadowy giant millipedes. The Party defeated the attackers and discovered the sewers connected to an underground river.


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