Ot Mer Ishun

Rogue, Assassin, Infiltrator


Ot was part of a team of assassin’s sent to stop the player’s if they should return to FreeRoad. He was the lone survivor of his cell when they attempted to ambush the party in a warehouse in the poor dock area of FreeRoad. In exchange for his life he told the player’s all he knew about the Bairane Cultist’s attack on the city of Harri and their plans.

Ot showed up again, nearly a year later, disguised as a human assassin named Kaz who hired the party on behalf of a gnome to investigate a nearby tower and recover lost works of a dwarf warlock. Unknown to even the gnome Ot had been contracted by a priestess of Atuylee to destroy the lost research of the warlock. Drugging the party as they slept Ot made off with the research though he did leave a note of apology and a coin purse containing 500g for their troubles.


Ot Mer Ishun

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