Magic/Swordplay/Teleportation all in one package



Faray is a member of the Cryptro Guild ever since his birth, as his parents were mages in the guild as well. Fascinated with magic Faray spent most of his time studying and practicing magic, even at a young age. This lead to problems as often Faray was too young to attempt the magics he used. His parents tried to control him but he always snuck out and learned more powerful and dangerous arts. One of his spells almost killed off several guild memebers leading him to trouble.

Despite all this, one of the mages too a liking to Faray and taught him how to control his magic better. She taught him how to focus his energy into the art of swordplay, and how to use magic to make him a strong physical and mental fighter. This was the only person Faray ever respected, as he did not even respect his family. Faray’s teacher was once sent on a dangerous mission. Faray wanted to go with her but he wasn’t allowed since he was still young and learning.

Two months later one of the members of the mission came back with news that everyone else on the mission was killed. After this news everyone expected Faray to want revenge, however he took it calmly and went back to studying. However, deep inside Faray something had sparked. As he always saw his teacher the most powerful person he knew, he wanted to meet who was stronger and kill them off to prove he was a more powerful mage. When asked about the situation about getting revenge he often replied “I don’t care about getting revenge it’s just the perk that will come with my goal”

Eventually Faray was finally given guild missions. Always performing well he was becoming a trusted member. Not going on these missions for the loyalty of the guild Faray wanted to learn more magic. It was just convenient that the guild and Faray had the same ideals… for now. Finally at age 23 Faray was sent on a mission to learn more about the magics of the old time. Faray accepted, as it was a change to learn, maybe even master the magic for himself, and maybe find out what really happened to his master. If he finds anything, he still has yet to decide if he reports it to the guild or not….


Kayadoa Faray