AC: 20

FORT: 17

REF: 14

WILL: 12

HP: 41


Terror Battleaxe +1: Daily Free Action – Use this power when you hit with this weapon. The target takes a -2 penalty to all defenses (save ends)


A loner by nature Hazel counts herself among one of noble’s of Abbot’s Bay on Kaya. The illegitimate daughter of an unknown duke, her only tie to her noble life is a quickly scrawled note and a emerald ring with an engraving in an unknown language and the date 8/14. The note gives no specific details but speaks of a “wolf-woman,” seduction, and the birth of a baby girl. Much of Hazel’s childhood has been repressed, and she can’t remember anything before her time at a monastery for the Goddess Sagara.

Though a peaceful sect, along with daily prayer, martial weaponry was practiced. Coming into conflict with Teruuk followers was a regular occurrence several decades ago and out of habit the practice of protection was continued. Hazel was a natural and continued to thrive in not only battle techniques but in Clerical learning as well.

After several years at the monastery, Hazel’s wild nature began to show and she slipped out one night to follow the pull of the wild.

To be continued…


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