Shadows of Forgotten Wrath (sessions 5 and 6)

Spooky spooky ghosts!

After the draining battle with the butcher, the party returned to the inn to regroup. Unfortunately, in their hurry to leave the butcher’s shop, they neglected to appropriately sanitize the area, and determined that they should head back and clean up after themselves. Romulox, displaying his usual good sense and intellect, proceeded to over-imbibe slightly and passed out. After a brief discussion, the rest of the party decided to leave him in the inn and return to the butcher’s shop as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, they were too late. Upon reaching the shop, they found that a large crowd had gathered to see the town guard removing Rolf’s body, and rumors of the gristly scene had already begun to spread. The party quickly left the crowd and rushed back to the inn.

At the inn, they found a crowd of people discussing the death of the butcher. They attempted to remain as inconspicuous as possible and met back up with Romulox, who had awoken while they were gone. However, he was acting slightly strangely. After a heated discussion, it was decided that they would rest for the night and strike out from Graefmotte in the morning.

Romulox continued to behave unusually as the party prepared to turn in for the night. For their own safety, the party decided to restrain him for the evening. Despite tying Romulox up, it was an uneasy night.

The party set Graefmotte at their backs at sunrise. Romulox was acting more like himself as they entered the forest, which was a relief. After a hard day’s travel, the party emerged from the forest, only to be confronted with the same city they had left in the morning. Discouraged, the party returned to the inn and resolved to try again the next day.

Romulox, however, had other plans. He suddenly sprang to his feet and tore out of the inn, and it was all the rest of the party could do to keep up with him. Chasing him through the twists and turns of the city, they arrived at a ruined building housing several hostile creatures. Over the course of the melee, it was discovered that Romulox had been possessed.

The ghost turned out to be Nora Graef, the daughter of the lord of Graefmotte. On questioning, it was revealed that he had killed her in an argument, and she enlisted the help of the party to seek justice. She led them to a hidden entrance to the keep at the top of the hill. Once she was returned to what had been her room, Thakakhad was shown a vision of her death. Growing increasingly agitated, she asked that the party help recover her bones and bring them together.

The party was led back to the ruined building where Nora was revealed the first time, surprising the innkeeper, Guy. He explained that he was part of a group of people trying to overthrow Lord Graef, and escape the town. He was suspicious of the party’s intentions, especially when they explained that they would need one of the revolutionary group’s prized artifacts, Nora’s skull. He was unwilling to part with the skull without a fight, and the party decided that discretion being the better part of value might have some truth to it, and went in search of the rest of Nora’s bones.

The search took them back into the forest. Nora was able to direct them to a clearing that was inhabited by ogres, who attacked with thrown rocks, spears, and clubs made from trees. After dispatching them, the party was able to find a bundle of old bones buried under a tree in the middle of the clearing. They turned back towards Graefmotte to obtain the skull, and put an end to Lord Graef’s rule.



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