Shadows of Forgotten Wrath (session 4)

The Party discussed their options with Priestess Osterford, it seems few people leave Graefmotte and non are ever heard from again. So there are very few around who would know the way to the nearest village or city, there are maps and such up in the castle at the top of town but no one’s allowed in there save the the lord, his guards, and a few high ranking citizens on the upper tier. The party began making plans to access the upper tier, they would need a merchant who did business among the various levels of town, and priestess Osterford recommended Rolf the Butcher, as the only man in town with access to meat he regularly made deliveries to upper city homes.

The Party went to meet Rolf and questioned him about his work. He mentioned if they were looking to get out of town they didn’t need a map, they needed someone who knew the woods. OR someone who knew someone who knew the woods. Catching the clue the party pressed him, and he revealed he’d been making deals with the feral elves of the woods. He’s be willing to setup a meeting with them, but he’d need the party to return to his shop later, after dark.

The party returned that night to find Rolf’s shop unlocked and light coming from his basement, the party crept down carefully and found Rolf in the room he used to prepare his meats. Rolf grinned and announced to the group they’d find out where his meats came from alright, when he sold them off as fine new meats and attacked!

The fight was hard, undead children burst from the dirt floor to grab and hold the party, brains preserved in jars lashed out with physic attacks and Rolf wielded his huge cleaver in two hands like a giant axe.

After Rolf’s death the party searched, the basement and found a hidden room covered in dark paraphernalia. Blood red candles surrounded a large pentagram in the floor and several cages against the wall held eaters of the dead waiting to be transformed into ghouls. It seems Rolf was the reason for the ghouls wandering the lower level of town.



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