Romulox's Will

The novice sailor Antillus piloted our recently aquired ship into a reef just off the shore of the fog shrouded Dreadlands. Romulox spent much of the trip chumming for sharks making the journey the rest of the way to shore aboard a hastily improvised raft constructed of an ancient crate from the hold of the ship.

The adventurers managed to reach the relative safety of the shore a long expanse of swamp land laid ahead of them. As they made their way inland Mialee spotted the remnants of a ruined tower a humanoid with dark skin approached in a boat headed straight for the adventurers. Mialee and Cazzie were able to conceal themselves before the rest of the party was spotted. The swamp man stood seven feet tall towering over Romulox and groveled “Living things not normal in the swamp”. Romulox and Loodra readied their weapons as Antillus called out with a greeting. The monster explained he collected dead things to sell in the city. It became clear that the creature was not going to become hostile and Antillus was able to convince the creature to guide the party to the city for the low low price of 3 corpses.

In the midst of the creature explaining to the party how to locate “dead things” a sound from outside the tower began to rumble louder and louder. The creature cried out “oh no you were too loud and it followed you” and ran for the cellar! Cazzie caught a glimpse of an enormous 12 foot tall amalgamation of disheveled swamp debris and cried out to her fellow adventurers to ready their weapons. An epic struggle for survival ensued and it looked as though our beloved band of heroes may not pull through as the amalgamation compelled the allies to strike blows upon each other. Mialee was the hero of the day as she sunk several critical arrows into the lumbering amalgamation saving Romulox from what would have assuredly been a life extinguishing blow.



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