Intermission 2

Having confronted and defeated Lord Graef the party was transported to the ruins of Greatmotte back in the prime material plane. There they found the ancient bastard sword Graefling which had just been wielded against them, and tucked into the shadows behind and old and rotten throne was a black crown made of shadows. Thakakhad was quick to snatch it up, and on his touching it, it vanished and multi voiced laughter echoed through his mind as his patron promised him a boon for his service. The party was pleased to find the ruins free of any hostile beasts and setup camp in the warm sun pools of the sun dappled ruins.


A party of crazed monster worshippers of Ausleur made their way silently down a river towards a small nameless town, quickly tying the boat up they made their way down the lone dock and attacked the town guard. The fight was quick and decidedly violent. A female minotaur charged across the battlefield while a duegar invoker spread mad invocations that caught both friend and foe. A pair of orcs attacked as well, one a barbarian whose made love of the killing blow caused him to attack the weakest foe at all times seeking to claim as many skulls as he could, the other a warlord stood in the back and commanded with his bow, directing others to strike out at the mere townsfolks. Finally, creeping quietly around the outskirts of the battle came a small female goblin rogue, who armed with a crossbow picked off guards and townfolk from the shadows. The party made quick work of the town guard, and several priests who came down from a nearby temple to help repel the monsters. Gathering up the peasents who were in hiding and from the nearby farms they sacrificed them in a terrible bloody ritual right in the middle of the town square.



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