Call of Madness (part 6)

Returning the monk to the city of Tor Git the party was rewarded handsomely. Several hours later they were called to the Commander’s office where the monk relayed all he knew of the Ausleur threat to the PC. It seemed T’sung was a member of the IronStar order of monks. A group who ran a monastery/ asylum for warlocks, mages, and other seekers who stared too long into the void and were driven mad by the taint of the Far Realms. despite their considerable glyphs and wards followers of Ausleur were able to infiltrate the demiplane the asylum existed in free the captives. T’sung believed they are now using the monastery as a base for their attacks against the city.

Captain Baarin explained to the PCs that the LongEyes (another Adventuring group) had already been dispatched to investigate the monastery and the party would not need to travel there.

The party began discussing their options using Thakakhad’s mind link ability and mentioned their search for the Kirre-Arre Arren. T’sung’s powerful psychic abilities allowed him to hear the conversation and he mentioned that one of the brothers of his monastery had done considerable research toward the artifacts and if the library remained intact the party may be able to advance their knowledge.

It was all the spurring the party needed and they were off through the portal to the demiplane several hours after the LongEyes. When they arrived in the demiplane a vast starry sky opened before them and all around them as they found themselves on a small mountain seemingly adrift in the night sky. Attempting to ascend the stairs to the main doors the party was attacked by several wild-eyed and crazed monks and several freed mages, including a pair of twin elven sister swordmages whose mind cackles tore at the minds of the PCs.



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