Call of Madness (part 4)

Meeting with Captain Baarin the party agreed to help the town guard and mercenary forces patrol the town and counter any of the seemingly random attacks the city suffered from these Ausleur worshipers. Aligning themselves with another mercenary who was there to aid the town, a gnome bard named Brellin.

The party spend the better part of the first day by the docks, wandering aimlessly unsure of exactly what they were looking for when a scream and fleeing crowd drew their attention to an open court several blocks up the street.

The party arrived to find another grey robed mage attacking the city. Elements coursed wildly about as stone of frozen lightening froze on the ground, and a strange sheet of green ice lay blasted across the ground.

The Battle wore on, with strange mutated brutes and twisted snakes capped in twisted human features attacked the party while the mage summoned a whirling wind elemental and attacked the party from afar. Eventually the party triumphed and healed up as they overlooked the strange reality defying sights before them.



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