Call of Madness (part 2)

Approaching the temple the party saw a small figure dart inside. Creeping in the party found an orc with a greatbow hiding behind an alter. As he roared a challange and nocked his bow another orc, this one a fierce barbarian came charging around the corner. The party fought well but was unprepared for the goblin rogue sneaking around taking shots with a crossbow from a side room. in the end that party was victorious, killing the orcs and forcing the surrender of the small she goblin rogue.

Hazel interrogated the goblin, asking why the monsters had attacked the village. The goblin who introduced herself as Yigmug, told a story of the how her tribe had been bullied into following the mad priest of Ausleur and her small band was one of several sent to “tear down the trapping of civilization” since Ausleur believed that all laws and rules were affronts to freedom. They were also tasked with finding anything they could about a strange artifact called a Kirre-Arre Arren, though they had no idea what it was or where to find it, they were to wander without direction until it found them.

Hazel allowed her to live and convinced her of the glory of Sagara. Fascinated by a god who did not make insane demands on their followers Yigmug was quite smitten with Sagarua’s faith. Believing the goblin’s story Hazel let her go free and sent her back to the free cities of Gorain and Hazel’s home temple where she could enter the faith.



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